2019 FACP Conference

Attorney’s Ky Koch, Susan Hoffman, and Courtney Koch attended the 2019 Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals’ 7th Annual Conference over this past weekend.   The three day conference is geared towards collaboratively trained professionals, or those seeking to become collaboratively trained.  Attendees had an opportunity to participate in various workshops relating to the collaborative process and how to make the most out of it for their clients.

There were speakers from Canada as well as from other states and from all over Florida, including our own Ky Koch.  Mr. Koch partnered with Ms. Kristin DiMeo, CPA to present on the topic of “Things Other Professionals Do To Make Your Cases Harder.”  They identified some of the difficulties that arise when working with other collaborative professionals and then provided suggestions on how to improve the process for all team members.


For more information on the collaborative process, check out our Collaborative Law page under the Practice Areas drop down menu.

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