Father’s Day

Two very important members of the Koch & Hoffman, P.A. team are father, Ky M. Koch, and daughter, Courtney L. Koch.  In honor of Father’s Day, Courtney has shared what it means to her to be able to work with her father on a daily basis.

“Growing up I never imagined I would be following in my Father’s footsteps, let alone working for him.  As I got older, his passion for his career rubbed off on me and I decided to give it a try.  I was adamant that I not follow his footsteps, merely because those particular footsteps were far too big for me to fill.  I wanted to make my own footsteps and do my best to not be compared to him because his legacy is just too great to live up to. While I watched his passion for the law and his career from afar when I was younger, it has been far more rewarding getting a front row seat seeing him in action on a daily basis.  My Dad’s compassion for others, his inherent need to problem solve, and his desire to collaborate rather than fight are his greatest career qualities.  Working for my Dad certainly has its challenges as it adds a sometimes complicated layer to our relationship.  However, I would not trade it for anything.  Our working relationship allows us to be closer on several levels.  I have the gift of truly understanding what he has done for so many years.  I recognize why he has spent so many hours every day building his career.  So even on the days I get his annoying pink Memos in my box telling me to do something, I feel lucky.  This opportunity is not lost on me.  Whether I work for him until he retires or whether this father-daughter working relationship ends tomorrow {as long as he doesn’t fire me, it’s not ending tomorrow!}, I will forever be grateful for the time I have had working under my Dad.” – Courtney L. Koch

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