Practice Areas

All our attorneys and principle support staff have extensive knowledge of Family Law. And, through Continuing Education, we strive to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information so that we can best represent our clients, and strive to achieve the most beneficial outcome.

Federal, state, and local laws all can affect families in a variety of ways. But basically Family Law concerns the entitlements and responsibilities of the whole family – partners, children, and involved relations.

Unfortunately many marriages end in separation or divorce. From 1970 to 2012, the number of married couples with children under 18 fell from 40 percent to only 20 percent of all households, that’s a staggering 50%!

When a couple decides that their marriage is not longer a viable relationship, one of the spouses will petition the court to legally end the marriage, a divorce. The court also has the responsibility to divide marital assets between the couple, award custody of the children to

one or both spouses, and impose support obligations for any children and the partner, if applicable.

However, over the past several years the legal system has introduced a series of legislation, which offers opportunities that allow specialist attorneys to mediate between the partners. This provides many benefits including; lower costs than traditional divorce, and a mediated and therefore less contentious agreement.

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