The prime objective of meditation is to reach a mutually acceptable out-of-court settlement. This saves time, money, and often-antagonistic rhetoric; the latter may suppress future good-natured cooperation!
Koch & Hoffman, P.A. has many years of successful experience at preparing clients for mediation. We understand the need to be considerate yet forceful in our negotiations.

Prior to mediation, you and your lawyer will develop a plan and strategy that supports and outlines your objectives.
Koch & Hoffman, P.A. will provide a confidential letter and documents and relevant schedules that will aid the mediator in becoming familiar with your case.
Preparation is vital to a successful mediated conclusion.
You and your lawyer will be in one room and your spouse and their lawyer will be in another, the mediator will shuffle from one room to the other to negotiate the mediation to a conclusion.
The mediator will be an independent adjudicator; a family law attorney, a retired attorney or judge who is skilled in the mediation process.
The mediator will be objective, will not advocate for either side, are precluded from giving any legal advice, and have no judicial authority.
Mediation can take place at any time, however it often works best when all the financial documents have been exchanged and all issues to be litigated have been identified.

It is our goal at mediation to reach a final, written and signed agreement. Once an agreement has been reached your lawyer, the opposing counsel and the mediator will draft the agreement.
You will have ample opportunity to review the mediation agreement, and discuss its contents prior to your final approval.
The final Mediation Agreement will be submitted to the court for approval and filing.